Tio y Tia
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Tio y Tia, a hat line inspired by the American Southwest, handmade by America's oldest hat maker.

Founded by a collective of creative women, Nicole Najafi, Johanna Peet, and Lucy Laucht, Tio y Tia came to life after Najafi spent a month in the Mojave Desert. She found a gorgeous stiff wool hat while thrifting, wore it to pieces, and we wanted to recreate the magic. We came together to create a line of beautiful and thoughtfully produced hats.

We believe in local production. Our hats are designed in New York and made in America by a family-owned business we fell in love with after discovering they crafted Georgia O'Keeffe's iconic hats. Our wool comes from ethically raised sheep in Texas.

Thank you for shopping with us, and we hope you love your hat.

x Tio y Tia